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Mark Eadicicco is Staten Island’s most elite and sort after Psychic, Witch and Medium and owns his own store – Practical Magick “The Witch Shoppe of Staten Island” located in the Port Richmond section of Staten Island.

2016 we enter our second decade of business as we entered our 11th year of business – Practical Magick opened in 2005 and each year it grows and so does our clientele.  Mark has clients whom have been with him since he started reading professionally at the young age of 18 and each day more and more clients are coming to Mark for the best Psychic / Medium Experience they could ever receive.

Besides being a Psychic & Medium – Mark is also hosts open Circles for each Sabbat (The 8 Witches’ Holidays throughout the year) and offers classes and workshops to anyone who is interested in learning about Witchcraft – but also learning how to be a practicing Witch day to day.  “It takes a strong man to be a Witch” Eadicicco states “because you have to find the balance of the masculine and feminine – and the goddess & god in yourself”.  Witchcraft is all about balance.  Every morning Mark performs a ritual to balance his energy so that he can prepare for a long day of readings and clients.  On an average day Mark performs about 6 readings and sells an estimate of 30 spells in which his clients can perform on their own.

Mark Eadicicco is also a Third Degree High Priest and Elder in the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft, taught under “The Official Witch of Salem” Laurie Cabot – whom Mark has formed a bond beyond mentorship with.  Mark has been a Cabot High Priest and a member of the Cabot Tradition for over 25 years.

Mark brings a New York Edge to an ancient Art, Science and Religion, which makes him more relatable.  “I never sugarcoat any situation, says Mark – I always tell my clients what they NEED to hear not what they WANT to hear”.  Along with Mark’s tough love approach – he is also a self proclaimed “Glitter Witch” – in which everything in our Shoppe is so Magickal and sparkles, and everyone who enters Mark’s Shoppe always say they feel like they are stepping into a story book when they step into Practical Magick.

Mark is proud to break any negative stereotypes, which some people may have toward Witchcraft – bringing Witchcraft into the forefront and showing that our rituals are light and positive and we do not practice negative Magick.  The ongoing joke that Mark and his partner Richie have is “The only way you can cause harm to someone through one of our products, is if you hit them over the head with a candle”.  We believe in the “Three Fold Law” in which everything we do comes back to effect us three times stronger than the intent we sent out.  Which is why we never perform a negative spell for any clients, or instruct them on how to do so.

Mark’s upcoming plans include expanding his Shoppe and opening more Shoppes probably in either Philadelphia or in Central New Jersey.  Each year Mark Eadicicco brings his Magick to the masses and is excited for what is in store in the cards for him and his amazing and beautiful Shoppe.

If you are interested in having an amazing experience by having a Psychic Consultation please either call the shoppe at 347-242-6947 or email

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