Mark's Reviews

Martha: When I first found out about Mark Eadicicco I didnt know what to think about a Psychic who was a Witch - but when I made my appointment and walked into his beautiful store any preconceived notion I had went out the window.  Mark's store is an amazing wonderland of enchantment and magic that you dont even feel like you are on Staten Island when you walk into his store.  The smells of the incense draw you into the door (the staff says that it is a mixture of all of the products which makes sense because they have everything you could think of) and once I sat down for my reading I was scared as it was my first reading with Mark.  When Mark walked into the room (he has a private reading room so your readings are private, not on a counter or behind a curtain it feels like you are sitting with Mark in your living room).  For my first reading my father who passed away came through along with my grandmother who had just passed and I wanted to speak to her so badly.  I was crying my eyes out.  Mark doesnt allow you to record the readings but he takes notes and the information and experiences you go through behind that reading door I came out all smiles.  I purchased some incense hoping that my home would smell like his store.  If you are looking for a reading to see what is going on in your life / or if you are looking to connect with a loved one who died - Mark Eadicicco is the real deal.  There are alot of fake people out there who are just out to take your money but that is not the way with Mark.  At the end of your session with Mark he gave me a big hug and told me everything would be fine and i booked a second appointment for a few weeks to see whats in store for me now that I spoke to my loved ones.  Call the store today and make your appointment.  It is worth it.  He has a Hollywood image with a Staten Island personality and a heart of gold.  He is amazing and I am sure that you will love your experience as well.

Andrew: I saw Mark & Richie on television segment about their Shoppe, and decided to stop in and see what all the magic was about.  When you step inside you are greeted with smiles and great smells of all of the products.  They have candles and spells for everything you could ever be going through.  I was going through a breakup and my self esteem was down the drain, they actually had a self esteem spell kit i followed the instructions and within a week I was feeling like my old self again and in much better spirits.  I come in every so often to have readings with Mark and healings with Ritchie and these guys know wh at they are doing.  If anyone complains about their hours that is the most the can possible complain about.  After talking to them both and finding out that everything is handmade and all that they do they are doing special work down here on earth.  I have a handful of their business cards to share with my friends and coworkers and I love going into their store!

Marivel: I came into the Shoppe for a session with Mark and he was AMAZING!  He told me things that he couldn't have pulled out of the air.  He helped me through a legal case that I was going through and he is an amazing person to speak to.  He is like a therapist who can see the future.  Everything that he told me came true and I have been going to him for the last 2 years and I go about 2 times a month.  I own my own business and I rely on Mark's guidance through his amazing talent to help me make the right decisions and his personality is very relatable which makes me feel at home speaking with him.  5 Stars - highly recommend.

Joseph: 5 STARS (or 5 Pentacles).  I have been to every store in Salem and nothing compares to the Magic that is inside Practical Magick.  Mark Eadicicco is a talented young man who was able to connect me with someone who passed away that I wanted to speak to and he knew things that no one would even know.  I have sent so many of my friends and family to see Mark and Richie and when my girlfriend and I get married Mark is an ordained minister and I want him to perform the wedding ceremony!  He is amazing and Mark and Richie make a great team!

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