Psychic Reading Parties

Mark Eadicicco's Psychic Parties at Practical Magick


“STATEN ISLAND WITCHES” Mark Eadicicco – Psychic,  Witch, Medium & Spiritual Teacher, is starting to have “Magickal Evenings” at his Shoppe Practical Magick “The Witch Shoppe of Staten Island” in which you can set up a group of people (No more than 4-6 people per evening) can come to The Shoppe, have Magickal New Age music playing as the aroma of incense takes you to a Magickal place and time.  Each reading would be the same price for either a half hour or an hour reading – but you can bring snacks and refreshments (no alcohol please as it will interfere with your reading).  If interested please contact us through Facebook or email

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