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Are you or your loved ones feeling physically or emotionally Cleansing-01-Stuck ?

Feeling Cleansing-01-Blocked and that nothing is going right in your life?

Do you feel that you need a Cleansing-05-SpiritualCleanse?  They Work Amazing!

You need Mark & Richie to perform a Spiritual Cleanse or a 04-HouseBlessings


Mark Eadicicco & his partner Richie - owners of Practical Magick "The Witch Shoppe of Staten Island" are proud to announce that we offer Spiritual Cleanses for our clients (Including Reiki Healings for health, protection, etc.) but also to remove negative energy and any evil or unwanted energies away from you.  We also can come to your home and perform a top to bottom - and bottom to top Spiritual Cleanse with all of our Magickal Supplies to remove any unwanted energies and enterties and give you back your home.  If you would like to book a house cleansing or a personal cleansing from Mark & Richie call us at the Shoppe at 347-242-6947, email us at or contact us through Facebook.  We have a long list of client testimonials which can attest that our cleansing abilities work - and we gave people the confidence and courage to take back their home.  Call us today - appointments fill up quickly!



March 1, 2017


Please read this latest blog entry by Mark Eadicicco - Psychic & Medium and owner of Practical Magick "The Wich Shoppe of Staten Island":

Most of the questions that I receive as a Psychic and Medium is "How Can I connect with my loved ones - and are they around me"? The answer to this question is 3 fold but the main answer is YES.

As a Psychic and Medium I was bestowed an amazing gift to receive messages from those who have passed away and relate them to their loved ones here in the mundane and physical realm. When I do my readings and have Spirit talk through me, they send me messages and feelings that I interpret to my own life experiences so that I can pass the information on to my client. Sometimes I hear voices telling me certain key words but being an empath I feel their emotions and the messages they want to get across.

Spirit, and the souls of your loved ones can come to anybody and everybody all the time - but especially during times of crisis or change. I know that when my mother is trying to relay a message to me - a butterfly usually appears & follows me around for a while. I also sometimes smell her perfume or hear a song on the radio which usually isn't in the top 40 rotation and I realize that it is my mother's direct way of contacting me to receive a message. A lot of people who I had the privilege to meet over the last 20 years of sharing my gift with me say that Lady Bugs ? are a way that their loved ones show them that they are around. These small and simple events are more than just a coincidence! You should always pay attention to these little signs and ask for a specific sign. You will be surprised with what happens next.

Having this ability, I wish that I could speak with my mother everyday. But there is no telephone receiver or blue tooth device to "reach out and touch someone" who has passed. This is what I am here for.

I want everyone to have closure, acceptance and most importantly have peace in their lives. I always make my clients feel at home when they come for their consultations in my Shoppe - Practical Magick, which we are celebrating 12 years of Magick this upcoming August. When having a reading with me - the client and I are in my private reading room, which is so comfortable that you will feel like you know each other forever and are having a comfortable experience in our living room. I hear horror stories of people claiming to be "psychic" or "mediums" and read their clients on their counter in front of the store for all to see and hear. That is not a healing or even pleasant experience.

When guests leave my reading room you can feel the sense of relief as soon as you see them. Any burdens, questions or "what ifs" are put to rest and knowing that your loved one who is on the other side is at peace, and is around you for all the events going on in your life is the best sense of peace you can ask for.

So before you waste your time with gypsies, board walk fortune tellers or even people with neon signs in their window - come have a reading with me, Mark Eadicicco - who has been reading professionally for over 20 years and trained myself to work with my amazing gift to speak with Spirit since I was 4 years old. Like everyone says - I am the "real deal" and say it as it is. With me, I don't tell you what you want to hear - I tell you what you need to hear". Call us today to book your reading or your hour long (60 minute) Medium readings. Readings are by appointment only, and Richie can get you in as soon as possible. I look forward to seeing you all - and hopefully bringing some closure and relief to you and the grieving process so that you can have the best life possible! Call me at the Shoppe, or contact me through social media - or email

Mark Eadicicco
Psychic, Witch & Medium
Practical Magick