Mark's Classroom

Mark's Classroom

Mark Eadicicco's 2017 Classes & Workshops


Classes & Workshops Mark Eadicicco will be teaching in 2017. As of right now we do not have any dates scheduled or confirmed but we will have them up by the end of January. We will also have payment dates and links for payments once the dates are set. Please note that there are no refunds or exchanges with these workshops. Should something arise in which a class or workshop needs to be rescheduled – we will work with everyone's schedule to accommodate a new date and time which works for everyone. We strongly suggest that if you are truly interested in taking Mark's famous Witchcraft 1, 2 and Advanced 3 Courses you book ahead of time. The only pre-requisits for the Witchcraft classes are the candle Magick courses and the Spell Crafting courses – as this will put you ahead of all the learning for the classes.


Book of Shadows Workshop: Learn how to create and compose your Magickal Diary – Your Witches' Book of Shadows, as taught by Mark Eadicicco – Psychic, Witch & Medium and owner of Practical Magick “The Witch Shoppe of Staten Island”. Learn how to properly divide your Book of Shadows into sections to hold your Magickal Spells and stories – creating a Magickal diary / scrapbook in which you can hold your most potent and powerful spells. This is a 90 minute workshop, and you will receive handouts and artwork to add to your working Book of Shadows. The cost of this workshop is $50.


Potion Magick Workshop: In this 90 minute workshop you will learn the Magickal properties of the essential and fragrant oils which we can blend together to create potions to work with Magickally. Learn how to properly blend the oils together along with the corresponding herbs, roots, resins and gemstones along with charging it with your own Magickal energy to create a Magickal potion. In this workshop – along with learning the basic properties of many oils, you will learn how to create 3 potions which we sell at Practical Magick “The Witch Shoppe of Staten Island” and take them home with you to work with in your spell work. This is a hands on workshop. The cost of this workshop is $50.


Witchcraft 1 With Mark Eadicicco: The Cost Of This Workshop is $250. (6 Classes – 3 Weekends)


Witchcraft 2 With Mark Eadicicco: The Cost Of This Workshop is $250. (6 Classes – 3 Weekends)


Advanced Witchcraft 3 With Mark Eadicicco: The Cost of This Workshop is $300. (3 Classes – 3 Weekends Plus 1 Month of Study Work)


Candle Magick Workshop: In this 90 minute workshop learn the basics of Mark Eadicicco's Candle Magick. Learn the properties of each candle color, the Magickal influence of each day and it's Magickal ability, the correct Moon Phase to perform your Candle Spell Work and how to properly anoint your candles with our specialty potions while putting your energy into the candle to help your projections come true for both you – and the person you are performing the candle work for. Along with taking notes filled with Magickal information – you will also receive a color printout containing additional information and Candle Spells to help you along your Magickal journey. This is a 90 Minute workshop and the cost is $75.


Animal Spirit Totem Workshop: In this 90 minute workshop we will discuss the Magickal influences of animals in your life (your familiars' being your cats or your dogs) and see which Magickal characteristics of the Animal kingdom fit yout life and lifestyle the best to see which is your totem animal. Once you discover your Totem Animal Spirit Guide you will be able to work with the energy and properties of the animal to enhance your Magick. You will receive a handout consisting of all of the Magickal properties of the animals we discuss so that as time goes by your Spirit Animal may change throughout the years. The cost of this workshop is $50.


Healing Magick Workshop working with Reiki Teachings: In this 90 minute workshop you will learn the most important spells and meditations to assist yourself and your loved ones in healing. Heal yourself from illness along with others such as loved ones or possible clients. You will learn how to send healing energy out into the universe so that it may return back to you so that you may be fully healed through Magick – and also learn the Magick abilities of Reiki to perform long-distant healings and healings on dolls to perform healings on various friends and family members who could benefit the assistance of your Long Distance Healings. This is a course designated for the natural born healers along with anyone interested in taking Mark's Witchcraft courses. Learn Color Healings and healing through candles and oils. The cost of this workshop is $75 and you will receive a certificate upon competion.


Past Life Regression Workshop: In this 90 minute workshop we will travel back in time through the ability of Meditation (which you can perform on a daily basis if desired) to metaphysically travel back in time and look for clues and information to find out who you were in a past life, and how your current life – and the profession you have chosen for a living is a direct result from your past life adventures. You do not have to have a significant knowledge of your ancestry – because you could be any sex, nationality, religion or sexual preference in your past lives. For this class you are suggested to bring a notebook and pen so that you can write notes about your Past Life Journey and also begin a “dream journal” so that once you awaken your Past Life portion of your brain you will be receiving messages through your dream state which you can piece together to find our more information about what vessel your soul used to belong to – and the life path you have chosen in the past. The cost of this workshop is $80.


Gemstone & Crystal Magick Workshop: In this 90 minute workshop we will go over close to 100 crystals and gemstones and learn the proper Magickal and Spiritual Meanings of each stone. You will learn how to incorporate gemstones and crystals into your daily life and into your spell work. We will focus on close to 100 different gemstones but we will focus heavy on the 20-30 stones which we carry at Practical Magick. Learn which stones are ruled by which astral bodies and how you can promote healing, money and success and even fertility by working with the energy of gemstones. You will also receive a workbook put together by Mark and Richie which you can paste into your Book of Shadows and learn 3-4 different spells regarding gemstones and crystals. The cost of this workshop is $60.


Magickal Herbal Workshop: Herbal Science is one of the first documented sciences which pertain to Witchcraft. Every Herb, Root, Flower and resin have their own aura and are associated to a particular astral body which when added to your spell-work add an additional power and benefit to your spellwork and daily life. We will learn how to create sachets which are a blend of powdered down herbs blended with Magick potions and sometimes crystals to create herbal Magick blends for Love, Healing, Money and many other blends – along with working with solitary herbs to boost the potency of your spellwork. You will receive a copy of Mark Eadicicco's Herbal Magick Workbook (a $30 value) so that you have it to reference in the future and make copies and paste into your Magick Book of Shadows. The cose of this in-depth workshop is $70 and is one of the most educational workshops we teach at Practical Magick “The Witch Shoppe of Staten Island”.


Mark's Interpretation of PROJECTION – The real Secret behind the “Secret”: In this 60 minute workshop – Staten Island Psychic, Witch and Medium Mark Eadicicco teaches it's members how to properly project our wishes and thoughts into the air – in a safe and correct manner so that along with adding the elements of candles, potions and herbs into our spell work we can properly word our spells correctly. Many people think that they can just light a candle and it will automatically work – but the wording of our spells is one of the most important aspects of Magick. We are asking the Universe, the goddess, the god and the all (or any higher power in which you believe in) to assist us in bringing something into our lives – and this workshop makes you thing twice, maybe three times if what we are asking for is for all of the right reasons, and how to properly ask the Universe. This course is offered as a per-requisit once you officially register for Mark Eadicicco's Witchcraft 1 course. This course if mandatory for anyone registering for Witchcraft 1 – and is offered at a discounted rate of $40. It is just the logistics of creating a spell, but is is one of the most important courses to take. This class is also perfect for clients who perform thair own spellwork at home – even candles which are prepared for you at Practical Magick – so that you know how to write your own spells and incantations. The cost of this workshop is $40 (when paid alongside Witchcraft 1 course) or it is $55 when taken alone.


Mark Eadicicco's Magick of Astrology Workshop: In this 90 minute workshop – Staten Island Psychic, Witch and Medium Mark Eadicicco – owner of Practical Magick “The Witch Shoppe of Staten Island” teaches you how to create your Astrological Chart and the properties and astrological benefits and descriptions of each house of yoru Astrological Chart and how to interpret it to fit your life on a daily basis. Before the workshop begins you will be given an Astrological Chart put together by Mark and Richie themselves and we will go through house by house of your chart and find out how you can associate the horoscopes to fit your sign on a day to day basis. You will find out so much insight about how to create your own chart – or the charts of your friends or lovers to see how compatible you are with one another. We will also learn about NUMEROLOGY – and the Numerology of your birthday and the year which you are in – and to find out what the year has in store for you. This is one of the most scientific workshops we offer – but you will find the most information about yourself which you never knew before and have it explained to you in person by Mark Eadicicco himself. The cost of this workshop is $70 – and that includes your perfonal copy of your astrological chart and we will all compare our Astrological charts together. You will also receive step by step instructions how to manually put your Astrological charts together so that you can compare it to your chart generated by the computer.


Spiritually Cleansing Your Home and Your Self, along with your Loved Ones Workshop: Spiritual people are the most susceptible people to pick up negativity or any unwanted energy from other people in our lives. Especially those of us who perform Spiritual work such as Healings, Readings and Cleansings – we always have to be sure to keep our Magickal and Spiritual Guard up. In this 90 minute workshop – Staten Island Psychic, Witch & Medium Mark Eadicicco – owner of Practical Magick “The Witch Shoppe of Staten Island” teaches you his secrets of how to protect yourself, your loved ones, your car and your home from any stagnant negative or unwanted energies from effecting us in a negative way. At the end of a day after performing Reiki cleansings, or Psychic readings the Reading Room at the Shoppe is filled from wall to wall with the remnants of energy left behind from previous readings and clients. This workshop is very special to Mark and Richie – as we teach you the tricks of the trade and the procedures we perform daily (sometimes twice a day) to cleanse your home, work space, car or office of unwanted energy so that you can begin the next day with a clean Spiritual slate. Learn the Magickal significance of white sage, frankincense and myrrh, the power of sound cleansing and of course our Magick cleansing sprays to send positive energy into your life and into your workroom so that you can perform your Magick and your day to day activities at your fullest potential. Each student who takes this workshop will receive a miniature cleansing kit so that you can start cleansing – and then purchase your own supplies from our Shoppe to make sure your sacred space is always as clean as it could possibly be. The cost of this workshop is $60.


Mark Eadicicco's Tarot Magick Workshop: This is one of the most difficult yet rewarding workshops Mark Eadiciccco teaches. This is a three part workshop (which takes place over 3 different days) in which the first portion of the class Mark teaches you the “TRUMP” cards of the Rider deck, the second half of the first class and the entire second class teaches you the different suites (Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles) and the third part of this class you will be paired up with another student to read them to the best of your ability (you will not be graded, reprimanded or discouraged). You will also receive Mark Eadicicco's “The Magick of the Tarot” Workbook (a $25 value) to work with and holds the information Mark is teaching. The cost of this workshop is $175 (including the book that Mark gives you) and you will receive a Certificate of Completion so that in the future you will have certification of your Tarot Education. You are encouraged to purchase the Rider Waite Deck from Practical Magick and to perform readings on your friends and loved ones during the 3 dates this workshop is scheduled so that you become more comfortable with the cards. The cost of this workshop is $175.

Mark Eadicicco's Spirit Communication Workshop: In this workshop Staten Island Psychic, Witch & Medium Mark Eadicicco – owner of Practical Magick “The Witch Shoppe of Staten Island” will teach you meditations and techniques to travel between the world of form and the world of Sprit to listen to what your Spirit Guides and spirit of your loved ones who have passed away so that you can relay messages to loved ones and enhance your Mediumship and Psychic Ability. Mark will also try to contact as many people as possible who have passed away to the other side for those who attend this workshop – but readings are not guaranteed. At the end of this workshop the one thing we can guarantee is that you will have the knowledge and the courage to listen to what your Spirit Guide and the energy of Spirits are telling you to pass along messages to those who are in need of hearing them. Mark has been a Medium and a Psychic all of his life and has it down to a science of how he performs what he does – and there is no guarantee but there is a sense of pride and ability for you to travel between the worlds and pass along the messages from spirits to their loved ones. The cost of this 60 minute reading is $70 and you will receive handouts and paperwork on Mark's story and Meditations which Mark performs on a daily basis to help enhance his Psychic and Medium abilities. Be sure to take this workshop – this is not one to miss!