Spiritual Cleansing (Sage, etc)

Spiritual Cleansing (Sage, etc)

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Abalone Shells are an amazing Magickal tool to work with while cleansing your home of negativity or unwanted energy. You can take a handful of sea-salt and place it inside the shell, and while you are Smudging or Cleansing your home (preferably with a White Sage Stick, or Loose White Sage or even the mini Smudge Sticks) it will collect any debris or ash from the burning leaves and won't burn your hands. After you are finished with the Spiritual cleanse of your home, self or area - you can snuff out the smoldering smudge stick in the shell, clean it out with warm water and have it ready for your next spiritual cleanse. Be sure to order your's today!

$15.00 *

Mark Eadicicco's Practical Magick presents a mini Smudge Stick (rolled loose sage). According to many traditions and practices - negative energy and evil spirits despise the smell of sage and when you light this sage stick and cleanse your house (from room to room) or body (from head to toe) that any negativity which is clinging to you or your environment will be removed. This is for a 3" Mini Smudge Stick. Always carry over a heatproof dish. Be sure to also get the smudge smoke into the corners and deep in your closets - as this is where negativity is said to hide.

$6.00 *

Mark Eadicicco presents a bag of Loose White Sage leaves - perfect to light to cleanse your home, car or being. Each day before we open the Shoppe we always light a couple of leaves of White Sage and leave them burning in a cast iron cauldron to smoke out the negativity or unwanted energy from the Shoppe from the previous day. This is an amazing and quick approach to cleanse. You can actually cleanse yourself as often as possible with 1 piece. Light one end of the leaf on fire, then blow it out. The leaf will smolder and produce smoke. Use caution not to burn your hands - and always use a heat proof cauldron or bowl to carry the sage around.

$6.00 *

Mark Eadicicco presents a Large "White Sage Bundle" to help you spiritually cleanse your home, your environment or yourself. Each White Sage Bundle averages between 8 - 10 inches. Light one end of the sage stick and let it smolder. Blow out any flame and walk around your home (preferably using an Abalone Shell to collect the ash - and a Smudge Feather to move the smoke from one corner to another). Many traditions believe that evil spirits or negativity energy hate the smell of sage - especially white sage. Mark and Richie suggest that clients cleanse their homes every month (mostly around the lunar cycles). We regularly cleanse the Shoppe as there is a lot of energy within our walls at the end of a day.

$11.00 *

Mark Eadicicco's Practical Magick is proud to present our "House Cleansing / Blessing Spell Kit" which you can work with to clear your house from ghosts, unwanted energies and negative entities.

Each spell kit comes in a box, and contains:

- One Miniature Cleansing Sage Spray Bottle

- One Miniature Smudge Stick to Sage the House

- One 2 Dram Vial of Mark Eadicicco's Protection Potion

- One packet of Cascara (Powdered Eggshell used for cleansing)

- One Satin Mojo Bag

- One Sunstone

- One Black Obsidian

- One Clear Quartz

- One packet of Coarse Sea Salt

- 3 votive candles

All of these products come packaged along with instructions on how to cleanse your home / someone else's home - and also makes a GREAT HOUSEWARMING GIFT to give to that special person in your life.

This is the brainchild of Mark & Richie, owners of Practical Magick "The Witch Shoppe of Staten Island" and we can ship anywhere in the United States.   We also have them available in stock so that you can stop in and purchase.

Trust us, you are going to LOVE this spell kit!

$40.00 / unit(s) *
* Prices plus sales tax, plus delivery