Spiritual Cleanses & House Cleansings

Spiritual Cleanses & House Cleansings


Are you or your loved ones feeling physically or emotionally Cleansing-01-Stuck ?

Feeling Cleansing-01-Blocked and that nothing is going right in your life?

Do you feel that you need a Cleansing-05-SpiritualCleanse?  They Work Amazing!

You need Mark & Richie to perform a Spiritual Cleanse or a 04-HouseBlessings


Mark Eadicicco & his partner Richie - owners of Practical Magick "The Witch Shoppe of Staten Island" are proud to announce that we offer Spiritual Cleanses for our clients (Including Reiki Healings for health, protection, etc.) but also to remove negative energy and any evil or unwanted energies away from you.  We also can come to your home and perform a top to bottom - and bottom to top Spiritual Cleanse with all of our Magickal Supplies to remove any unwanted energies and enterties and give you back your home.  If you would like to book a house cleansing or a personal cleansing from Mark & Richie call us at the Shoppe at 347-242-6947, email us at mark@practicalmagickshoppe.net or contact us through Facebook.  We have a long list of client testimonials which can attest that our cleansing abilities work - and we gave people the confidence and courage to take back their home.  Call us today - appointments fill up quickly!