Mark Eadicicco's Book Of Shadows Workshop


Mark Eadicicco's Book Of Shadows Workshop

Available from 1/17/2017 until 4/9/2017

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$50.00 / ticket(s)
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Sunday April 9 - 3PM - 4:30PM - Book of Shadows Workshop: Learn how to create and compose your Magickal Diary – Your Witches' Book of Shadows, as taught by Mark Eadicicco – Psychic, Witch & Medium and owner of Practical Magick “The Witch Shoppe of Staten Island”. Learn how to properly divide your Book of Shadows into sections to hold your Magickal Spells and stories – creating a Magickal diary / scrapbook in which you can hold your most potent and powerful spells. This is a 90 minute workshop, and you will receive handouts and artwork to add to your working Book of Shadows. The cost of this workshop is $50.  Payment for this workshop must be PAID IN FULL by Saturday March 25th..

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