Mark Eadicicco's Candle Magick Workshop


Mark Eadicicco's Candle Magick Workshop

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Candle Magick Workshop: In this 90 minute workshop learn the basics of Mark Eadicicco's Candle Magick. Learn the properties of each candle color, the Magickal influence of each day and it's Magickal ability, the correct Moon Phase to perform your Candle Spell Work and how to properly anoint your candles with our specialty potions while putting your energy into the candle to help your projections come true for both you – and the person you are performing the candle work for. Along with taking notes filled with Magickal information – you will also receive a color printout containing additional information and Candle Spells to help you along your Magickal journey. This is a 90 Minute workshop and the cost is $75.

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