Mark Eadicicco's Past Life Regression Workshop


Mark Eadicicco's Past Life Regression Workshop

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Past Life Regression Workshop: In this 90 minute workshop we will travel back in time through the ability of Meditation (which you can perform on a daily basis if desired) to metaphysically travel back in time and look for clues and information to find out who you were in a past life, and how your current life – and the profession you have chosen for a living is a direct result from your past life adventures. You do not have to have a significant knowledge of your ancestry – because you could be any sex, nationality, religion or sexual preference in your past lives. For this class you are suggested to bring a notebook and pen so that you can write notes about your Past Life Journey and also begin a “dream journal” so that once you awaken your Past Life portion of your brain you will be receiving messages through your dream state which you can piece together to find our more information about what vessel your soul used to belong to – and the life path you have chosen in the past. The cost of this workshop is $80.

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