Mark Eadicicco's Gemstone & Crystal Magick Workshop


Mark Eadicicco's Gemstone & Crystal Magick Workshop

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Gemstone & Crystal Magick Workshop: In this 90 minute workshop we will go over close to 100 crystals and gemstones and learn the proper Magickal and Spiritual Meanings of each stone. You will learn how to incorporate gemstones and crystals into your daily life and into your spell work. We will focus on close to 100 different gemstones but we will focus heavy on the 20-30 stones which we carry at Practical Magick. Learn which stones are ruled by which astral bodies and how you can promote healing, money and success and even fertility by working with the energy of gemstones. You will also receive a workbook put together by Mark and Richie which you can paste into your Book of Shadows and learn 3-4 different spells regarding gemstones and crystals. The cost of this workshop is $60.

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