Mark Eadicicco's Magickal Herbal Workshop


Mark Eadicicco's Magickal Herbal Workshop

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Magickal Herbal Workshop: Herbal Science is one of the first documented sciences which pertain to Witchcraft. Every Herb, Root, Flower and resin have their own aura and are associated to a particular astral body which when added to your spell-work add an additional power and benefit to your spellwork and daily life. We will learn how to create sachets which are a blend of powdered down herbs blended with Magick potions and sometimes crystals to create herbal Magick blends for Love, Healing, Money and many other blends – along with working with solitary herbs to boost the potency of your spellwork. You will receive a copy of Mark Eadicicco's Herbal Magick Workbook (a $30 value) so that you have it to reference in the future and make copies and paste into your Magick Book of Shadows. The cose of this in-depth workshop is $70 and is one of the most educational workshops we teach at Practical Magick “The Witch Shoppe of Staten Island”.

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