Mark Eadicicco's Spell Casting & Projection Workshop


Mark Eadicicco's Spell Casting & Projection Workshop

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Mark's Interpretation of PROJECTION – The real Secret behind the “Secret”: In this 60 minute workshop – Staten Island Psychic, Witch and Medium Mark Eadicicco teaches it's members how to properly project our wishes and thoughts into the air – in a safe and correct manner so that along with adding the elements of candles, potions and herbs into our spell work we can properly word our spells correctly. Many people think that they can just light a candle and it will automatically work – but the wording of our spells is one of the most important aspects of Magick. We are asking the Universe, the goddess, the god and the all (or any higher power in which you believe in) to assist us in bringing something into our lives – and this workshop makes you thing twice, maybe three times if what we are asking for is for all of the right reasons, and how to properly ask the Universe. This course is offered as a per-requisit once you officially register for Mark Eadicicco's Witchcraft 1 course. This course if mandatory for anyone registering for Witchcraft 1 – and is offered at a discounted rate of $40. It is just the logistics of creating a spell, but is is one of the most important courses to take. This class is also perfect for clients who perform thair own spellwork at home – even candles which are prepared for you at Practical Magick – so that you know how to write your own spells and incantations. The cost of this workshop is $40 (when paid alongside Witchcraft 1 course) or it is $55 when taken alone.

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