Mark Eadicicco's Magick of Astrology Workshop


Mark Eadicicco's Magick of Astrology Workshop

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Mark Eadicicco's Magick of Astrology Workshop: In this 90 minute workshop – Staten Island Psychic, Witch and Medium Mark Eadicicco – owner of Practical Magick “The Witch Shoppe of Staten Island” teaches you how to create your Astrological Chart and the properties and astrological benefits and descriptions of each house of yoru Astrological Chart and how to interpret it to fit your life on a daily basis. Before the workshop begins you will be given an Astrological Chart put together by Mark and Richie themselves and we will go through house by house of your chart and find out how you can associate the horoscopes to fit your sign on a day to day basis. You will find out so much insight about how to create your own chart – or the charts of your friends or lovers to see how compatible you are with one another. We will also learn about NUMEROLOGY – and the Numerology of your birthday and the year which you are in – and to find out what the year has in store for you. This is one of the most scientific workshops we offer – but you will find the most information about yourself which you never knew before and have it explained to you in person by Mark Eadicicco himself. The cost of this workshop is $70 – and that includes your perfonal copy of your astrological chart and we will all compare our Astrological charts together. You will also receive step by step instructions how to manually put your Astrological charts together so that you can compare it to your chart generated by the computer.

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