Mark Eadicicco's Tarot Magick Workshop (3 Days)


Mark Eadicicco's Tarot Magick Workshop (3 Days)

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Mark Eadicicco's Tarot Magick Workshop: This is one of the most difficult yet rewarding workshops Mark Eadiciccco teaches. This is a three part workshop (which takes place over 3 different days) in which the first portion of the class Mark teaches you the “TRUMP” cards of the Rider deck, the second half of the first class and the entire second class teaches you the different suites (Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles) and the third part of this class you will be paired up with another student to read them to the best of your ability (you will not be graded, reprimanded or discouraged). You will also receive Mark Eadicicco's “The Magick of the Tarot” Workbook (a $25 value) to work with and holds the information Mark is teaching. The cost of this workshop is $175 (including the book that Mark gives you) and you will receive a Certificate of Completion so that in the future you will have certification of your Tarot Education. You are encouraged to purchase the Rider Waite Deck from Practical Magick and to perform readings on your friends and loved ones during the 3 dates this workshop is scheduled so that you become more comfortable with the cards. The cost of this workshop is $175.

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